General Info

ABOUT THE Missouri state senior GAMES

The Missouri State Senior Games is an Olympic-style sports festival for individuals age 50 and older.

The purpose of the Senior Games is to:

  • Provide an annual physical fitness event to promote a social, competitive, athletic and recreational activity for older adults
  • Promote and create an interest in lifetime spots, recreation and physical exercise as a means of enhancing one’s quality of life.
  • Create an awareness of the abilities and capabilities of older citizens.
  • Foster an amateur athletic network of participants, volunteers and sports enthusiasts throughout Missouri that encourages and promotes healthier lifestyles.
  • Create private and public support for physical fitness and amateur athletic training.



All participants will receive a Missouri State Senior Games T-shirt. In the Olympic tradition, gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second, and third place winners in each age division of each event. See sport rules for procedures to break ties. Awards will be presented at the sport venue upon completion of the event. Awards not received on the day of the event may be picked up at the Missouri State Senior Games office (1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5). Awards will not be mailed following the games.

In bowling, awards will be given for both scratch and handicap competition, but a participant may win only one award (scratch or handicap). Awards will be made first to the top three scratch places, then to the top three handicap places.


The Missouri State Senior Games is an “Open” event which means that out of state residents are eligible and encouraged to participate. An athlete’s state of residence is that state in which the person resides for at least six months out of the year.

For team sports, teams are no longer limited to the number of out-of-state players on their rosters. It is the captain’s responsibility to declare team residency subject to NSGA (National Senior Games) approval, at the time of registration.

Age Requirements

To be eligible to enter a person must be at least 50 years old as of December 31 of the current year.

The age division for all DOUBLES and MIXED Doubles competition will be determined by the age of the younger of the two players.

The age division for a TEAM will be determined by the age of the youngest team member.

Athletes will be required to provide a driver’s license with photo as proof of age when checking in. MSSG reserves the right to require proof of age at any time during the games. Please have your driver’s license with you at your events.


A list of Columbia motels compiled by the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) will be mailed to all persons entering the Senior Games. Anyone having difficulty locating a room may contact the CVB between (9a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Friday), at 573-875-CITY. The CVB provides INFORMATION ONLY concerning room availability, and cannot make reservations.

Weather Policy

Sports using outdoor sites are weather dependent. Competitions will be conducted unless a Missouri State Senior Games official determines weather conditions to be potentially dangerous or life threatening, or if the playing fields would incur significant damage. Come prepared for all types of weather. Due to the cost incurred by the Missouri State Senior Games to produce the Games, no refunds will be given for cancelled or rescheduled events because of any circumstance beyond our control.


It is expressly understood the Curators of the University of Missouri do not insure against, and accept no responsibility for, personal injury, property loss or damage to the participant which might be sustained by the participant as a result of his or her participation. Each participant is responsible for his or her own medical insurance.

Confirmation Notice

Each participant (the captain in the case of team sports) will receive a WRITTEN NOTICE confirming the receipt of his or her entry. The mailing will include a schedule showing the first match starting time for all events for which the person is registered if it differs from the printed schedule. Also included will be a copy of the competition rules and a map showing the location of the sport venues. Once a tournament starts, it is the player’s responsibility to check the schedules for subsequent tournament matches. Events will not be delayed due to a participant’s scheduling conflicts.

Financial Support – The Missouri State Senior Games is a non-profit organization. Registration fees are used to defray, in part, the cost of conducting the games. If you would like to contribute beyond the required fees, make your check payable to Missouri State Senior Games and mail to:

1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211

Medical Support

There will be medical support/personnel provided by University of Missouri Healthcare at most events. If you must be transported by ambulance, the fee will be billed directly to you.


Sports included in the Missouri State Senior Games shall be those recognized by the National Senior Games Association. Other sports/activities which benefit the citizens of Missouri are also included. Some events may be held in conjunction with the Show-Me STATE GAMES.

Playing Rules

All NSGA qualifying sports/events shall be governed by the rules of the National Governing Body (NGB) for that sport where applicable. The NSGA and MSSG have modified some of these rules in the best interest of the participants. Playing rules for non-NSGA qualifying sports/events will be those that are most commonly used for senior competition. Variations may be used, but must be approved by the Missouri State Senior Games.

Bowling is USBC sanctioned. Swimming is “recognized” by U.S. Masters Swimming. Tennis is USTA sanctioned. A RULES SHEET WILL BE SENT TO ALL PARTICIPANTS FOR EACH SPORT THEY ENTER.


All athletes must register in order to participate. The entry form must be completely filled out and submitted, along with all required fees, to the Missouri State Senior Games office POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN MAY 31, 2018. Swimming, Softball and Triathlon will have different deadlines.

For team sports, each individual squad member must submit a completed entry form with the LIABILITY WAIVER/CONSENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT STATEMENT SIGNED. The team roster and entry fee shall be submitted by the team captain.

Amateur Status

Professional athletes shall not be eligible to compete in the Missouri State Senior Games in the sport in which they are a professional until 20 years after the date they last competed as a professional. They may compete in other sports in which they have not competed professionally. A professional is someone who competes in a sport for money as a primary source of personal revenue. Persons who compete in a sport in which minor amounts of money are given as prizes are not deemed professionals. Individuals whose primary activity is teaching a sport but who occasionally play for a minor amount of money are also not deemed professionals. The NSGA shall have the final authority to determine who is deemed professional for the purpose of competing in NSGA events.


Competitors are responsible for providing all personal equipment for competition. This includes table tennis paddles, pickleball and racquetball rackets, archery bows and arrows, practice balls, etc. Some equipment for other events such as shuffleboard cues, field events and team sports will be provided. Only athletic court shoes will be permitted on any court area. Above the knee shorts are required for the Race Walk.