Entries will continue to be accepted until June 1. On-site registrations will be accepted.

Sport Info



Saturday, June 8, 2024 - 9:00 am


Gans Creek Recreation Area
3360 E. Gans Road
Columbia, MO


Deadline for entries will be June 1.  Late entries may be accepted after this date on a space available basis for a late fee.


Participants in Archery must check-in at the event site on Saturday morning. All participants must report to the sport commissioner at the event site at least 30 minutes prior to the start of competition.


Register Online:  Senior Games Online Registration - Archery


Register by Mail:  Please complete a Missouri State Senior Games Entry Form and mail it along with payment to:

Missouri State Senior Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211




  1. Archers may only compete in one style.
  2. Archers must provide their own bows and target arrows.
  3. Should equipment failure occur, a thirty (30) minute repair time will be allowed with no disruption of the shooting line. A maximum of two ends may be made up at the discretion of the Commissioner.
  4. Field glasses or scopes are permitted for spotting arrow hits. Scopes may be placed on the shooting line provided they do not disrupt the shooting of the adjacent archer. Scopes shall be removed from the line between ends if not utilized by the other archer(s) shooting in that space.
  5. No broad heads will be permitted.
  6. Regulation FITA 122-centimeter (48-inch) five-color target faces will be used. Scoring values are: Gold (10-9), Red (8-7), Blue (6-5), Black (4-3), White (2-1), 10-ring scoring. At the discretion of the Director of Shooting, replacement centers may be used to repair a target face during competition.
  7. Dividing lines are part of the higher scoring. The arrow shaft must only touch the color or dividing line between scoring zones to score the higher value.
  8. Hits will not be marked on the target face. Witnessed bounce out and pass through arrows will be shot over at the end of the distance as make-up arrows. If the bounce out destroys an arrow in the target, then it is a "Robin Hood" and will score the value of the arrow it destroyed.
  9. Two archers at each target will keep the double set of scorecards. Scores shall be compared after each end. If the scorecards do not agree after arrows have been removed from the target, then the lower score shall be the official score. The winner(s) shall be the archer(s) scoring the highest number of points.
  10. Archers will not be required to wear white or blue attire, however, they will be expected to wear clothing appropriate for a national event.
  11. Athletes should be able to keep their arrows on target at 60 yards.
  12. Barebow Recurve Equipment: Any recurve bow or longbow may be used. Bow sights are not allowed. Archers may string-walk and/or face-walk in sighting.  One straight stabilizer, coupling device included, if used, which cannot exceed 12 inches at any time as measured from the back of the bow.  No levels or draw checks are allowed. Arrows must all be the same length and weight.
  13. Barebow Compound Equipment: Any compound bow may be used. Bow sights are not allowed. Archers may string-walk and/or face-walk in sighting. No levels are allowed.  Archers may use a stabilizer and may use a draw check that is either on the bow limbs or under the arrow in the bow window.  Arrows must all be the same length and weight.
  14. Compound Bow Equipment: The maximum peak draw weight allowed shall be 80 pounds. Maximum arrow speed shall be 300 feet per second with a variance of 3%. Lighted sights may be used.


The 2022 Missouri State Senior Games will be the only Missouri Qualifying site for the 2023 National Senior Games to be held in Pittsburgh, PA.

In Archery, all first-, second-, third- and fourth-place winners or athletes meeting this sport’s NSGA-900 round Minimum Performance Standards at a 2022 NSGA qualifying games will qualify for the 2023 National Senior Games.

An archer may enter only the style in which he/she has qualified.

Minimum Performance Standards
Barebow - Men 425, Women 400
Limited* - Men 600, Women 575
Unlimited** - Men 700, Women 675


Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
AR001Archery - Recurve (with sights)
AR002Archery - Barebow Recurve (no sights)
AR003Archery - Compound Fingers (with sights)
AR004Archery - Barebow Compound (no sights)
AR005Archery - Compound Release


Recurve w/ Sights
55-59 F 1 Janis Grellner, Linn MO 797
Barebow Recurve
U12 M 1 Hank Schollmeyer, Chamoi MO 664
2 Luke Scheulen, Linn MO 547
50-54 M 1 Matt Cornman, Mountain View MO 707
65-69 M 1 Jacky Yam, St Louis MO 447
75-79 M 1 Stephen Amsden, Ballwin MO 507
80-84 M 1 Roger Wertanen, Peterson MO 215
Compound Fingers
12-14 F 1 Brooklyn Ambrose, Jefferson City MO 467
Compound Release
U12 F 1 Audrey Washburn, Harrisburg MO 792
12-14 F 1 Jordyn Stewart, Villa Ridge MO 705
2 Madaline Ruhr, Salem MO 679
15-17 F 1 Paige Fraser, Chesterfield MO 712
18-49 F 1 Hannah Scott, Rolla MO 675
50-54 F 1 Ellen Cameron-Rice 850
12-14 M 1 Alden Washburn, Harrisburg MO 744
18-49 M 1 Hunter Stephens, Clark MO 866
2 David Stephens, Clark MO 844
3 Nicholas Dennis, Salem MO 824
4 Jalan Visharad, Rolla MO 756
5 Adam Stewart, Villa Ridge MO 749
6 Gregory Lemelin, Fulton MO 738
50-54 M 1 Paul Wilson 869
55-59 M 1 Paul Duffy, Saint Robert MO 759
60-64 M 1 Louis Nunley 781
65-69 M 1 Douglas Sherrer, Lebanon MO 790
2 Gene Grellner, Linn MO 750