Entries will continue to be accepted until July 12. On-site registrations will be accepted.

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Sunday, JULY 19, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.


Phillips Lake
5050 Bristol Lake Parkway
Columbia, MO

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Pre-Registration entries will be accepted until July 12.  Entries will also be accepted the day of the race.


Register Online:  Senior Games Online Registration - Triathlon


Register by Mail:  Please complete a Missouri State Senior Games Entry Form and mail it along with payment to:

Missouri State Senior Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211


Thank you Humana for your sponsorship of the Missouri State Senior Games buffet dinner / social event!
The event for participants and guests is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Friday of the Senior Games. It will be held in Columbia, MO at location TBA.  The cost for participants is $10.00. There will be a $15.00 charge for each guest.

If you plan to attend the dinner, please indicate this on the entry form and submit the appropriate fees for the participant(s) and any guest(s) that will be attending with you. If you are registering online, there will be a place to indicate attendance during the online registration process. This is important as we must confirm our reservations 7 days in advance of the event.

For more information, visit:




  1. Athletes must provide their own bicycles, helmets, running, and swim gear.
  2. All participants must supply yellow swim caps to wear during swimming competition.
  3. Ansi or Snell approved helmets are required for the bike race


  1. Triathlon Federation USA Rules will be followed
  2. Triathlon consists of ½ mile swim, 19-mile bike and 5K run.  Distances are subject to slight variations.
  3. No assistance is allowed in the transition area between events.
  4. Participants may be disqualified for (1) not completing any portion of the event or (2) directly or indirectly hindering the performance of other athletes.
  5. No flotation devices are allowed.
  6. No wet suits are allowed.
  7. In case of equipment malfunction, participants must make their own repairs.  No outside help will be allowed.
  8. Participants must dismount from bike before removing chinstrap of helmet.
  9. Participants must put bike on rack before continuing to road race.
  10. Decisions of the commissioner will be final.


The 2020 Missouri State Senior Games will be the only Missouri Qualifying site for the 2021 National Senior Games to be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

All athletes completing a triathlon at a 2020 NSGA qualifying games will qualify for the 2021 National Senior Games.

Athletes who reside in a state that does not offer a triathlon event may qualify for triathlon by meeting the “limited” event qualifying criteria in Rule D.

Athletes who reside in a state that offers the triathlon and does not participate in that state qualifier event can qualify by meeting the “limited” event qualifying criteria in Rule D.

Triathlon competitions used for qualifying purposes must adhere to expected standards for the conduct of that sport.  All three triathlon elements must be held consecutively on the same day with no scheduled rest periods.

Each element must be at least as long as the triathlon event at Nationals.  (400M Swim, 20K Cycling and a 5K Road Race).


Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
TA001Triathlon - Senior Games