Entries will continue to be accepted until July 10. No on-site registrations will be accepted.

Sport Info


JULY 29-30, 2023


All soccer competition will be held at Cosmopolitan Park.  Cosmo Park is located just north of I-70 on Business Loop 70 West.  Take the Stadium Boulevard exit off I-70 and go north on Stadium Boulevard approximately 100 yards to the first traffic light.  Turn right (east) at the traffic light onto Business Loop 70 west.  The entrance to Cosmo Park is on the north side of Business Loop 70 approximately ½ mile east of Stadium Boulevard.  Once you are in Cosmo Park, go north from the traffic circle and drive approximately ¼ mile to the playing field.


The entry fee for soccer is $350 per team.  The team captain shall be responsible for submitting the team entry form/roster, the team fee and individual entry forms for team members.


Deadline for entries will be June 1.  Late entries may be accepted after this date on a space available basis for a late fee.


All teams are required to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to your first game.  TEAMS WILL CHECK-IN AT COSMO PARK.  THERE WILL BE A REGISTRATION TENT NEAR THE CONCESSION STAND. Check-in will be open from 4:30pm to 8:00pm on Friday and from 7:00am to 11:30am on Saturday.  Failure to check-in may result in forfeiture of games played.


Register Online:  Senior Games Online Registration - Soccer


Register by Mail:  Please complete a Missouri State Senior Games Entry Form and mail it along with payment to:

Missouri State Senior Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211


  1. Players will be required to provide a driver's license (with photo ID) as proof of age when they check-in.
  2. USSF rules will be in effect.
  3. Use of shin guards is mandatory for all games.
  4. Teams will play 8 on a side with a maximum roster of 15. A player must be rostered to be eligible to play in the competition.
  5. Beginning in 2021, offisides will be called in the 50+ division.
  6. All games will be 25-minute halves.
  7. Games will be played on a field 50 yards by 100 yards.
  8. There will be NO overtime except for semi-final and championship games. These games will have two 5 minute overtime periods. If still tied, the game will be determined through kicks from the penalty mark.
  9. The Soccer Commissioner may call for two 5-minute water breaks midway through each half if advised by medical personnel of the MSSG that the heat index warrants additional breaks.
  10. Point system: 6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for a shutout and 0 points for a loss. Forfeits will be recorded as 3-0 win for the team present. Teams must be present with at least 5 players for their games, even if they know the opposing team will be forfeiting. A 0-0 tie will be recorded as a tie and shutout for each team.
  11. When bracket winners for final berths, medal winners (after round-robin play) or bronze medal winners after semi-final play cannot be determined by point totals (all games will be used), the following rules will be used (in the order listed) to break ties: a. Head to head competition (skipped if teams did not play one another), b. Highest goal differential (maximum 3 per game), c. Fewest goals allowed, d. Most shutouts, e. Shootout/Penalty kicks (held 30 minutes before the next scheduled game).
  12. Forfeit will be declared if a team fails to have 5 players on the field seven minutes after the scheduled time or at any time during the game. Deliberate forfeiture of a match may be cause for disqualification from the Games. A team may be disqualified after two forfeits. If a team is disqualified for any reason, all of its scheduled games will be recorded as forfeits regardless of whether these games have already been played. If both teams fail to show up for a game, it will be declared a double forfeit and neither team receives points.
  13. Unlimited substitutions will be allowed on possession throw-in, any goal kick, after a goal is scored, at half-time, for a cautioned player and open substitution when the referee stops the game for injury.
  14. Players ejected from a match are ineligible to compete in the next scheduled game; this includes semifinal and final matches.
  15. Players may be ejected for the remainder of the tournament for extremely violent or vulgar behavior.
  16. The home will be team is listed first on the schedule. It is the responsibility of the home team to change uniforms in the case of conflict if asked by a game official. Each team should bring two sets of numbered shirts (each set a different color).
  17. Disputes will be settled by the State Soccer Commissioner. All decisions of the referees with regard to facts and the laws of the game are final and appeals with regard to such matters will not be heard. All other disputes will be settled by a protest committee, but must be filed in writing with the site manager at the official's tent at venue where the game took place. The protest form must be filed within 30 minutes after completion of protested game by the coach and accompanied by a fee of $50 in cash. This deposit will not be returned unless the protest is upheld by the protest committee. Dispute forms will be available during the tournament from tournament officials.
  18. A player may not enter or play on more than one soccer team.
  19. A maximum of 12 players and one coach are eligible to receive medals. Actual awards will be based on official roster received at check-in for the medal presentation.

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
SC045Senior Games Soccer (Over 50 Men)
SC055Senior Games Soccer (Over 50 Women)