Entries will continue to be accepted until July 11. No on-site registrations will be accepted.

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JULY 22, 2023
Women's Senior Softball

JULY 29-30, 2023
Men's Senior Softball


Rainbow Softball Center, Cosmopolitan Park, Columbia MO.


The entry fee for softball is $300 per team. The team captain shall be responsible for submitting the team entry form/roster, the team fee and individual entry forms for team members.


Deadline for entries will be July 11.  Late entries may be accepted after this date on a space available basis for a late fee.


Register Online:  Senior Games Online Registration - Softball


Register by Mail:  Please complete a Missouri State Senior Games Entry Form and mail it along with payment to:

Missouri State Senior Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211



Age division for all team competition will be determined by the age of the youngest team player as of December 31 of the current year.

All team sports are divided into the following divisions for both men and women: 50+; 55+; 60+; 65+; 70+; and 75+.


  1. Teams must provide 2 softballs per game.  Teams will hit their own ball.  The men’s divisions will play 12-inch slow pitch (.52 COR and .300 compression).  The women’s divisions will play 11-inch slow pitch (.47 COR and .500 compression.  Teams must also provide their own bats, gloves, practice balls.
  2. Teams will be divided into the following six age categories for both men and women:  50+; 55 +; 60+; 65+; 70 +; and 75+.  When there are not enough entrants in any one age category, the tournament will be drawn to combine age categories and the rules governing the competition will be adjusted to best accommodate the combined group.
  3. In the men’s 50+ age category only, when sufficient entries permit, teams will be grouped into three divisions based on national rankings: 1) Competitive Division—will include AAA, Major, and Major Plus teams; 2) Intermediate Division— will include AA teams and teams that travel extensively to participate in tournaments; and 3) Recreational Division—will include teams that primarily compete in league play and a limited number of local tournaments.  The Missouri State Senior Games reserves the right to combine age groupings when necessary to accommodate scheduling.  Each 50+ team captain shall designate the division his team will be entering on the Team Entry Form / Roster.
  4. Teams must be all of one gender.
  5. An athlete may only compete with one softball team per age group.
  6. Additions or deletions to the team roster may be made up to the start of the team’s first contest of the tournament.  However, any roster changes made following the entry deadline date shall not result in a change in the team’s Age Division.   All players must be eligible for the age division the team has entered.

Schedules / Weather Policy

Due to weather and unforeseen circumstances, schedules may change. Every effort will be made to play all games, but field conditions and weather may force changes to the schedule.  Weather situations will be handled in the following manner:

  • Lightning - All competition will be stopped immediately. All participants and spectators must seek appropriate shelter.  In general, competition will restart 30 minutes after last lightning strike.
  • Rain/Wind - Competition will be stopped if conditions of field could lead to injury to participants and/or damage to facility.
  • Heat - Upon the recommendation of University of Missouri Healthcare, mandatory water breaks will be added throughout the games.  Also, games may be shortened in length and running clocks may be used where applicable.  This is for the safety of not only the players and spectators but also the referees.

In all cases of inclement weather, our first priority is human safety.  Please check with the softball commissioner to find out when competition resumes.  You can also visit our website at, or call the Show-Me State Games office at (573) 882-2101.


This event will run in accordance with the rules of the Softball Players Assoc. (SPA), except where noted below.

  1. Each Player will commence his/her every turn at bat with a 1-1 Count.
  2. This tournament will be conducted in accordance with Softball Players Association (SPA) Rules (Rule 1 – Rule 11), except as modified herein.
  3. Commitment line: A 3-foot long, 3-inch wide commitment line shall be marked perpendicular to the foul line and placed 20 feet from home plate. Once a runner’s foot touches the ground on or past the commitment line, the runner may not return to third base; the runner must continue toward the scoring plate. Violations will result in an out.
  4. Scoring plate: A scoring plate shall be placed 8 feet from the back tip of home plate on an extended line from first base.  A line shall be drawn from third base to the scoring plate.  The scoring plate is for use by the offensive player only.
  5. All plays at the plate shall be force plays. A defender shall record an out at the plate by having possession of the ball and tagging home plate prior to the runner touching the scoring plate. If a defender attempts to tag an offensive player at the scoring plate the runner shall be called safe. A runner who attempts to score by touching other than the scoring plate shall be called out. Players who violate this rule are subject to ejection from the game.
  6. Strike zone mat: A strike zone mat will be used. The mat shall be made of rubber or similar material and shall measure 21 inches wide and 28 inches long with a V-shape at one end that fits against the back of home plate. Together the strike zone mat and home plate shall form a rectangular shape 21 inches by 35 inches.  A legal pitch not swung at that strikes any part of the strike zone mat or home plate, the umpire shall call a strike.
  7. Pitcher’s Box: The pitcher’s box shall be a box the width of the pitching rubber, extending from the front (home plate) side of the pitcher’s six feet towards second base. The pitcher may deliver a pitch from anywhere inside the box. All pitches must begin with at least one of the pitcher’s feet located inside the box.
  8. Double bag/mat: A double bag/mat, twice the size of a standard base shall be placed at first base, the double portion of the bag or mat being in foul territory. For the purposes of plays at first base, the entire bag shall be considered to be in fair territory.
  9. Runner’s line: A runner’s line measuring 3-inches wide and 30-feet long shall be marked parallel to, and 3 feet away from, the first-base foul line in foul territory, extending from first base back toward home plate. Runners shall stay between this line and the foul line while running to first base. Failure to do so will result in the runner being declared out.
  10. Metal cleats: Metal cleats will not be permitted. Players found wearing metal cleats in a game will be ejected from the game, and, if on base, a “dead ball out” will be called.  If there are less than three outs, any players on base must return to the base occupied at the time the ejected player came to bat.
  11. Players and substitutes: SPA rules for re-entry and extra player (EP) will apply.  Extra players may play defense at any time provided the total number of defensive players on the field at any time does not exceed the total allowed for that age division.
    • Men in Age Divisions 50+, 55+, 60+ and 65+: Ten defensive players shall constitute a team. A team must have a minimum of nine players at the beginning and end of a game. For any team playing with nine players, an out will be recorded when the 10th position in the batting order appears.  A 10th player may be added as he/she shows up for play; however, he/she must be listed as the 10th offensive player and bat after the other nine players. If EPs are used, a team must start and end a game with 11 players, including the EP. In addition, for teams using EPs, 10 players must play defense.
    • Men in Age Divisions 70+, 75+ and women in age divisions 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+:  Eleven defensive players shall constitute a team. A team must have a minimum of 10 players at the beginning and end of a game. An 11th player may be added as he/she shows up to play; however, he/she must be listed as the 11th offensive player and bat after the other 10 players. Teams in these divisions may use up to two EPs. If EPs are used, teams must start and end a game with 11 players plus the number of EPs used.  In addition, for teams using EPs, 11 players must play defense.
    • Women in Age Division 75+: Twelve (12) players constitute a team. A team must have a minimum of 11 players to start the game. Until the 12th position is filled, an out will be recorded each time that position in the batting order appears. A twelfth (12th) player listed on the roster may be added any time during the game, batting in the last (12th) position of the lineup card. Players may leave and re-enter the game unlimited times without penalty, but batting order must remain the same. A team can bat up to 20 players, but all players must be listed on the roster and lineup card.
  12. Line-up cards: Official line-up cards must be presented to the opposing manager and scorekeeper 10 minutes prior to game time. Tournament line up cards will be furnished to all team managers.
  13. Runs per inning: For all games, there shall be an eight (8) run per inning rule, with unlimited runs allowed in the seventh or final inning.
  14. Mercy rule: A mercy rule will be in effect for all games. The rule shall be 20 runs after four innings and 15 runs after five innings, ending the game.
  15. Home Run rule:  All teams will play under the herein modified Home Run Rule whereas:  Three (3) home runs with the one (1) up in effect.  Additional home run is a walk, base runner(s) advanced, if forced.  Eight (8) run limit per team per inning, unlimited in last declared inning.  This rule shall continue throughout the entire game.
  16. Time limit: The length of a game will be seven innings or one hour and fifteen minutes.  After 50 minutes the umpire shall announce that teams will finish the current inning and play one more. This last inning shall be played with unlimited runs allowed in accordance with Rule 12. Tie games after seven innings or at the end of regulation time will continue until one team is ahead after the completion of any subsequent inning using the International tiebreaker rule.
  17. Women age divisions 65+, 70+, 75+ can run through 2nd and 3rd base without the possibility of being tagged out unless an attempt is made or a turn toward the next base is indicated.
  18. Courtesy runner:  A player may only be used as a courtesy runner once per inning (except Women 65+, 70+, 75+ which may have a courtesy runner as many times as needed and players can be a courtesy runner as many times as needed per inning.  A courtesy runner may not be replaced by another courtesy runner except for injury causing removal of the original courtesy runner permanently from the game.  A courtesy runner on base when it is his/her turn at bat will be declared out as the runner.  Another courtesy runner may not be used to circumvent this rule.
  19. Sliding or diving: A player may slide or dive into any base and when returning to any base. Runners shall be called out for contact with a defensive player if, in the umpire’s judgment, the contact was deliberate or the runner could reasonably have been expected to minimize or avoid contact under the circumstances and failed to do so.
  20. Runner hit by fair ball: A runner is not out when he/she is hit with a fair, untouched, batted ball that has passed an infielder, excluding the pitcher, and, in the judgment of the umpire, no other infielder had a chance to make an out.
  21. Team clothing must be of like design and color. Jerseys must have a number on the back.
  22. All bats with a BPF of 1.21 or less will be legal for play except those bats listed on the most current SPA banned bat list.


  1. Win-Loss Record within the age division.
  2. Head –to-Head Result(s)
  3. Fewest total runs allowed in games between teams involved in a tie.
  4. Most total runs scored in games between teams involved in a tie.
  5. Fewest total runs allowed in all games within the age division.
  6. Most total runs scored in all games within the age division
  7. Coin Toss


The 2022 Missouri State Senior Games will be the only Missouri Qualifying site for the 2023 Summer National Senior Games to be held in Pittsburgh, PA.

All first-, second- and third-place winners at a 2021 NSGA qualifying games will qualify for the 2022 National Senior Games.


Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
SB001Senior Games Softball (50+Men Recreational)
SB002Senior Games Softball (50+Men Intermediate)
SB003Senior Games Softball (50+Men Competitive)
SB004Senior Games Softball (55+ Men)
SB005Senior Games Softball (60+ Men)
SB006Senior Games Softball (65+ Men)
SB007Senior Games Softball (70+ Men)
SB008Senior Games Softball (75+ Men)
SB011Senior Games Softball (50+ Women)
SB014Senior Games Softball (55+ Women)
SB015Senior Games Softball (60+ Women)
SB016Senior Games Softball (65+ Women)
SB017Senior Games Softball (70+ Women)
SB018Senior Games Softball (75+ Women)